We are very proud of our identity.

Since the beginning we have always regarded ourselves as craftsmen of ideas with a traditional approach, which combines original ideas and the actual physical contact between manufacturer and artifact.
It is our signature style.
That is why our Fan Store cannot be like everyone else’s.
Craftsman is a word with an old feel to it. Just pronouncing it evokes authenticity and old time values.
But time is ticking away, the tools we have available are constantly changing, and the artisan of the
XXIst century is now … a Maker!

So, welcome to the craft shop of the future where everyone has the opportunity to design and make a
real-time unique piece, an original creation , to repay a generation (child, teenager, adult, senior), intimate and indissoluble, connecting the fan and the object of his passion for sports.
Come on in, then, and enjoy our and your …



The Store we imagine requires significant participation of the consumer who will live the experience of creating, in a few minutes, a piece of clothing (t-shirt, sweatshirt, scarf, hat, jacket, etc.), or any other merchandise personalized for them.

The customer will then become designer and creator, so will want to buy the garment.

The interior space of the Store will be large and bright with big screens and touch-pads for interactive designers.
It will be an encouraging lively atmosphere and a laboratory of exchange with the free flow of ideas, a kind of virtual atelier (artist’s studio).

The waiting period envisaged for completion of the finished product is from 15 to 30 minutes and will be pleasantly spent in the corner of the Store, first of all the Italian Eat corner, where the typical food and wine of that beautiful country will enhance the climate of pleasant meetings and slow motion time in the Store.

More space will be dedicated to the Virtual Sport corner, where console games will be available to fans for tournaments and occasional performances in an atmosphere of futuristic interactivity!

However, the area which will be the most modern and creative will be the 3D Lab corner, finally the true Kingdom Makers!

There it will be possible to create merchandise and objects utilizing the same creative freedom used for clothing, thanks to the technology offered by 3D printers. The Lab corner will also be an important formative moment in which we can express our utmost creativity, familiarizing ourselves with technological support (the 3D printer, to be precise), which is bound to have more and more widespread use in the coming years.

Lights, colors, materials, pieces of furniture used, everything is designed to make their participation in a sporting event unforgettable.

From now on, this will be the only possible way to prove to the world: “I was there!”


The most “futuristic” use will be linked to the 3D printer. Thanks to it, each guest of the Store will become a real Maker before conceiving, and then witnessing the realization of fully customized objects, gadgets and models.

Making a statue (of various sizes) depicting their idol (sports or otherwise), or even of themselves wearing the shirt of Las Vegas Heroes, are only some of the possible uses of the creative workstations in KM!
A world of creativity within a futuristic space for children, adults and seniors, in which everyone, especiallychildren, will enjoy an important educational opportunity to become familiar with a tool, the 3D printer – set to become part of everyday life!


SMALLIE represents a new chapter in the world of digital photography; it is a new product, your own personal three-dimensional clone, in color, beautifully crafted down to the smallest details.

It begins with a simple photograph, made in our three-dimensional photo studio, resulting in statuettes reproduced in 3D, perfectly identical to you.

Alessandro Prampolini & Filippo Di Patrizi

The Founders of Smallie


The photograph has accompanied and changed our lives for almost two centuries.

Our new creative solution innovates the experience through this cutting edge technology, originated in Italy. Take the most important, memorable moments in life, NOT from a scan, but from a split second photograph and produces a detailed figurine in 3D; tangible, authentic, realistic and yours forever.


 The subject is positioned within our photographic set that instantly creates 112 shots, then the data is transmitted to a software where the rough copy, generated from the set, is touched up with pen and tablet, paying the utmost attention to appearance and detail.

Facial features, eyes and hairline are the most difficult points. Finally a 3D printer builds the SMALLIE color with meticulous accuracy. The result is a three-dimensional portrait surprisingly identical to the subject’s face and posture.

The photographic system used to achieve the SMALLIE is portable, which means that it can be moved and placed, at a sporting event, able to capture the moment with the athlete, or to a concert in order to capture fans with their favorite singer.


SMALLIE is already being introduced with success inside major sports and fashion markets.
In fashion, Smallie proves useful for brands as it can reproduce, with extreme precision, how clothes look on the body. 3D photo fashion books are also a possibility.

In sports, Smallie already collaborates with Juventus FC, the best important soccer Club in Italy.

The statue will be selling online through the official team websites.

Other important sectors can be: water parks and theme parks (like Disneyland), cruise ships, others major sports league (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL), one time major life events, like weddings, birthdays, graduations.

Italy’s most renown three Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura and staff

His restaurant Osteria Francescana in Modena was in 2016 named the best in the world.

Bottura became the first Italian to win the top spot of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants